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Monitor the pH of your reef tank with Tasmota

Monitoring water values of your fish tank is essential. To keep your reef-ecosystem alive, several dozens of water values need to be measured. This can be quite annoying to do that manually all the time. So I just started automating the measurement of them via Tasmota. One of the leading indicators for a fish tank is the pH level of the water. Measuring the pH level gives you a good indication for several other water values as well. Continue reading

Network segregation: IoT vs NoT

IoT devices became quite popular throughout the last years. Everything is connected, anytime. What sounds like a good idea, might actually result in a security hole in your network. As only the vendor knows what a device is actually doing, your IoT devices might bring some features with them that you don’t like. What is the problem with my IoT device? The short answer is: you own it, but you don’t control it. Continue reading

Starting on a blank page

2018-01-11 meta Michael Kolb
A little bit of History The blog initially started in 2014 and was online till late 2016. I primarily focused on Ham Radio and IoT content these days. These topics were appreciated by many readers. Nevertheless, the old blog had to come to an end as my interests also changed over time. I was simply not able (nor willing :-)) to invest the time necessary to write high quality articles on topics that are no longer my primary focus. Continue reading