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Docker Image Review: jwilder/nginx-proxy

2018-01-29 docker Michael Kolb

Ever wondered wether there is a good alternative for scenarios, where a full featured ingress proxy would be overkill? Here it comes: jwilder/nginx-proxy. The image can especially be useful when setting up an ingress concept for the first time. Nginx is well known in the world of classic server administration and web hosting. So why not use your familiar web server also in your containerised environment?

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Docker containers are insecure

2018-01-14 linux Michael Kolb

Everybody knows how to keep a linux box updated. It is also common sense that running things in docker containers is more secure by definition. After all they isolate services from each other. So if you are running containers on a fully patched host, there should be no security holes at all. Not even close! Keeping containers up to date is a total different thing. That brings up the questions how to keep your containers up to date, and how to decide wether containerising is really worth it in your scenario.

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Starting on a blank page

2018-01-11 meta Michael Kolb
A little bit of History The blog initially started in 2014 and was online till late 2016. I primarily focused on Ham Radio and IoT content these days. These topics were appreciated by many readers. Nevertheless, the old blog had to come to an end as my interests also changed over time. I was simply not able (nor willing :-)) to invest the time necessary to write high quality articles on topics that are no longer my primary focus. Continue reading
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